Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hayley's Postbag

Sarah and Hayley during one of her many treatment stages
I really hate cancer! Being so close to it doing "what I do" I read about it every day, talk about it every day and I even have Google Alerts send me info. I know numbers about breast cancer, I know stats, improvements in treatments, sciences and get involved in the politics. I have proudly spoken on TV, radio news programs, phone ins and even had my mug on giant billboards. I have won awards,  and even been short listed to carry the Olympic Flame! I write emails, phone people, help out at fund raising events, arrange them too sometimes. This year, as you all know, I ran the London Marathon for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. For the last mile I carried a flag. This was dedicated to a special person. It was Hayley's Flag, Hayley's Mile.
At the end of all this activity was and still is,  real people and sometimes I forget. I am  so dug in with the "stuff" mentioned above, I just carry on regardless!
Well, I need your help! The flag was to help me on my last mile.  Hayley Mitchell is a true fighter and when I found it tough to go out and train I thought of her with her battles with breast cancer and secondary cancers (YES cancer"S") and I made it out to train in the rain, snow and fog.
Hayley, at only 27,  is now very very poorly indeed. Unable to eat properly and no strength to walk. She doesn't have the strength to go on line, text and only occasionally can make a phone call.
Hayley's Mile flag
I would love it for you all to help me cheer her up. Please SEND CARDS! Loads of them. Ask friends to send them, make your own if you like (Just like Aunty Pat!)
Send them to

Hayley's Post Bag
27 Chevening Close
Kent ME5 7PZ
United Kingdom

I will then take her a nice full post bag!
Please forward the link for this page to anyone.
The flag setting off down the Embankment. A mile to go!
Cards are coming in already from the UK, USA and Australia. Let's trend this folks. On Twitter #hayleyspostbag 
If you are a company please spread this blog's link on your Intranet system, a radio or TV presenter please give this a mention, post this link on your Facebook pages and Twitters, a news paper, please spare a column inch or two!  This will go big! Not only letting people know how tough the battle against breast cancer can be, but may also raise awareness about this terrible disease.
Please give electronics a rest for a minute and post a card. You only need to find a pen and stamp, remember them?
Thank you so very much.

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