Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bruce and Alvin

It's been a while!
This blog will be brief as I need to get my fingers and brain together before any serious writing gets under way.
In September I have the Run to The Beat half Marathon so training is on the up again for that. People wanting to join in on the 1974 fancy dress cheering point stay tuned on here and my Facebook page.
A lot has happened since I hobbled my way down the last few miles of the London Marathon.
Hayley meeting the Rubettes at our fundraiser last October

Firstly and above all is our friend Hayley. (Remember Hayley's Mile?) She is bravely battling on and our love goes to her, Lee and the family. We paid her a visit on Monday and she is poorly. Seeing such a young girl go through what she is going through almost made me quit! I felt lost, I couldn't do any more, I was a mess. But her spirits are high and after talking to Sarah and my dear friend Anna Wallace, I am staying put! I can't say much more on the subject, it is too upsetting. This is the reason I will be keeping it pink, fighting on where I can and doing what I can. Love you Hayley. FIGHT sweetheart FIGHT!

The Vodafone World of Difference program was a mixed bag. We got tons of awareness out there. I even got my mug on two giant bill boards in Rochester! (No one was reported to have crashed at the sight of a bloke in a pink T-Shirt and drum sticks!) Trying to get people to sign up to Project 350 was really hard and we have put it on the back burner. Anna and Becky at Breakthrough were pleased with the awareness side and were lovely, even though I had felt so negative about the final outcome. Still we battle on. I got to meet The Mayor of Rochester for a photo call by one of the posters. I did have a number of calls though "Was THAT you on a poster in Rochester?"

Very proud!
Congratulations to Sarah for running the entire way on her Race for Life in Hyde Park London. 2009 diagnosed with breast cancer, operation, chemo, radiotherapy, further medication and then runs 5k in 2011! Thanks to the ever helpful Mike Baron for the training plan. We had some great runs out at Leybourne Lakes until Sarah picked up an injury (Making her a proper runner!!) This meant she had to ease off in the final weeks to the event. With grit and proud determination with some very important names on her back she made it round in the rain and running all the way .Well done Dinky we are all so very proud of you, just as Kevin would have been.
Me and Eddie
Who better to share a medal with?

The week after I completed the Marathon I returned to London to walk with and help former stuntman Eddie Kidd. His trip was well documented in the press but still, well done mate. Great job.

I will be back in the lakes this week training for my first mini triathlon. It's madness. On the subject of sports, many congratulations to Mark Cavendish for winning the Green Jersey in this year's Tour De France. Great job to him and the HTC Highroad Team.

Thanks to everyone at the Dancing Dog Saloon for supporting a little Breakthrough Fundraiser this weekend. Photos soon.  It pulled in £180. Great job thank you.

We are moving in a few weeks and I will be starting a drum school. So anyone in or near Medway looking at starting or continuing drum lessons please get in touch.

We have two new additions to the household. Alvin and Bruce. We were informed that they were ginger Toms to find out on the first visit to the vet for their jabs that they are both girls! They are as mad as hatters and great fun. Bruce is now Brucie and Alvin is Alvin as it's originally a girl's name. (Don't tell Mr Stardust!)  Her name is a long story!!  I have taken loads of photos and entered one of Alvin for a competition. The picture is below. Please click on her photo to  cast your vote It will make her day (and ours) if she wins. I will keep you updated on breakages and the fact that cat do not have 9 lives they have well over two hundred! Bruce fell 7 foot from the top stair rail on to a wooden floor only to be jumped on by Alvin! No sympathy or mercy given!
If everyone who reads this votes for me I'll get fed!
This is the photo of Alvin in the competition! There are many more photos on Facebook. Feel free to have a look at Alvin & Brucie's Album! I hope to get back to the blogging at a more regular basis. In the meantime please have a moment to think about Hayley. She is deeply in our thoughts and prayers (Even though I do feel god is an ostrich with his head in the sand at the moment!)      

Please CLICK HERE to vote

See you all again soon. 

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