Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Vodafone World of Difference!

I am so very pleased to announce that I have been chosen to represent Breakthrough Breast Cancer under the Vodafone World of Difference scheme. Over 11,000 hopefuls applied for the 500 countrywide places and I have gone and got one!! I was short listed to 750 a few weeks back and I received the news last week that I have been selected. However, due to Vodafone's press release program I had to try and keep quite! Today, though I can shout from the rafters!

The program starts officially in March and runs for two months, in the middle of which I have a marathon to run! However, me being me I started on my project a few months back. I presented an idea to Breakthrough about raising awareness of breast cancer in both men and women. This I also presented to Vodafone and in essence is the scheme that I will be championing. Being under the very watchful and experienced eye of Breakthrough during the program, a couple of changes have been made but by far these are for the better. Details will be posted on here as well as my website in the next couple of weeks. Plus there will be a stand alone website.  Meanwhile we have press to contact and lots of noise to make.

"Behind very great man is a great woman" is a slogan we are all aware of. You could also say "Behind every breast cancer patient is a supporting man." As in the original slogan, there will be exceptions to this rule, however supporting a friend, wife, mother, auntie, daughter can be a very stressful period, extending for many months even years. I know I have done it. Sometimes feeling alone, lost, even, at times, helpless. In a few cases the gender roll is reversed as is explained below.

In the UK 45,000 people, on average, are diagnosed with breast cancer. A huge majority, as we all know, are women, as gender is the biggest contributory factor, and shout about it we should. Breast cancer is the largest single cancer in the UK. It is a little known fact that about 300 men are also diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK and the fatalities match that from testicular cancer. In 2008 70 men lost their battles against testicular cancer and 69 against breast cancer. More men were diagnosed with testicular cancer (about 2000) showing a very promising early detection and full recovery rate and one we should very be proud of. More awareness about breast cancer in men has to be out there and it will be one of my tasks during my two months with Breakthrough to help raise this profile too. (And beyond!! You should know me by now!!)

My campaign will be called Project 350. In Kent there are sadly 350 fatalities to breast cancer. Behind them are 350 husbands, dads, partners, countless sons, daughters other family members and friends. These people need support, it gets very lonely sometimes.
In parallel  with the awareness campaign, I am launching a new localised fundraising effort.

People of Kent please stay with me, I will be looking for volunteers to help run and partake in the fundraising efforts. We will be rolling out the fundraising campaign first in Kent (my home county.)

If you live in Kent and fancy a challenge of raising a very achievable £350 in twelve months please email me and I will send you pre release details. These will include fundraising ideas incorporating ready prepared sports quizzes covering football, rugby, formula 1, MOTO GP, super bikes, cricket, golf and many others. Fundraising will never have been easier. PLUS I will be looking for the Arm Chair Sportsman of The Year! Just ask about this one, you'll love it and not even break a sweat. All money raised will be going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer to help them carry on their work in research, education and campaigning for a world free from the fear of breast cancer. Come on people of the Garden of England sign up!
Meanwhile if you have any questions about breast cancer visit Breakthrough's, very comprehensive  website.
Any questions, press or otherwise, connected directly with Project 350 please email me directly at Breakthrough Mid Kent.

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  1. Phil,
    I am SO proud of the work you're doing! And congrats on being chosen to lead the pack in the fight! Breast cancer in men is a field that is SO overlooked....I've often wondered where the education and support is for them. Thanks for taking up the baton! Donna Watts


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