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Jan 2011

It's been a while since my last blog, two reasons: Not much running has been going on, due to my bum and back giving me grief since the well documented fall in December. Then there was Christmas, and I have a laptop on which I was going to write my last blog but this has died and I have lost about three hours work. Don't you just love technology? Well that's three reasons. Counting never was my strong point. (I am a drummer!)
Hayley & Sarah
Not one of Becky's better landings!
Christmas was busy, went up to Worcester to visit Sarah's dad for his birthday and got stuck up there in the snow! Managed an interesting jaunt across the country in the snow to visit the ever smiling Hayley Mitchell, had a gig cancelled due to the snow and my daughter got stuck in Wales (She lives there) and prevented a surprise visit to see me, so a very mixed and frustrating few weeks. I must congratulate her on her one hundredth jump from an aeroplane, she has been hooked on free fall parachuting since a charity jump a couple of years back. Well done Becky, see you soon. My son Alex has picked up some nice lighting jobs. He is off to a variety of countries as a lighting engineer and designer for The Engine Ears and engineering assistant with The Friendly Fires, plus other bits and bobs. He loves it and, though I say it myself, is very good at it!

A very snowy Cock Hotel
While we were up in the Midlands we carried on down to Stony Stratford. We were going to stay there after the gig in Milton Keynes but still went even though the gig had been cancelled. Chance for a beer with Marc (Bass player with MUD2) and relax. We stayed in the Cock Hotel. Those of you unfamiliar with English sayings, there is one “A Cock and Bull Story” basically an exaggerated report, generated by visiting too many pubs and getting off your face! The Cock and the Bull in Stony Stratford are the venues in this rather important piece of English history. They sit right on Watling Street, an old Roman Road heading south to London. These days called just the A5!! Nice night though, Marc was on form and I met up with a few old friends.

Now, though, things are getting back to normal. Snow's gone, bum's better and I have been out running and working through my program set for me by my coach and friend Mike Baron. I managed ten miles last Sunday, a record for me. (Click here for a map of my "record trot") The problem around here is the blooming hills! They are not that steep in most places, but they add to the effort and my times are slow. Not that I am after a “time” for the marathon but it just kills my knees going down them. There are a couple of steep ones and I walk down those for safety. Thanks to the Running Bug website I have now been plotting my runs as the site shows elevations. I now get taken to a start point in the car by Sarah and work a route around flatter ground. This avoids the steep slopes near where I live. There is a slight downhill towards the end, I just take a little more care trotting down there and there is a last minute uphill slog at the very end to my finish line, which is a bus stop!
I am now out running or training four times a week with a variety of runs. This week, for instance, I have a 35 minute run, a 30 minute run, a 4km time trial and a 9 mile long run. Next week I have some speed work too. I am pleased with how things are going and I am really starting to feel like a little bit of a runner. Hey, I even look good!!! (Sloat!!) I Picked up some black and yellow tights and a yellow top as my short runs are finishing in the dark so I like to be seen. Not for vanity but the simple fact that if I make an error I want to be visible and not splattered all over a lorry..... (or “Truck” seeing that I am writing country songs now). Sarah has entered this years' Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK and she bought herself some running shoes too. These bits we got from Sweatshop. Best service in the sports world I have ever had. Thank you to Lucy at the Milton Keynes Branch. Quite brilliant.

Saturday I am meeting other Breakthrough London Marathon runners at the ‘Meet The Experts’ day in London. Olympic stars David Bedford and Liz Yelling will be giving seminars and sharing advice. I really am looking forward to that.

On Sunday morning I have my first running “Event.” The delayed Christmas Caper at Mike's running club. I think it’s 6 miles but the rush of “Event” flowing through my veins may drag me along a little quicker. All runners get a Christmas pudding! Bang goes the diet!! I know, I don't have to eat it but IT'S CHRISTMAS PUDDING!!!! Then on Sunday, after the Christmas Caper, I am going to the Dancing Dog Saloon in Bobbing for a jam. I will be taking the guitar for a sing song. Busy weekend me thinks.

Tracy, TV and "The House"
(Photo: Me!)
I have a website!! It's taken time and it needs loads of work but if you fancy an early peek it’s www.pipwilson.co.uk I have a stack of photos to go up. You will see a band page called Busted Truck. Yup I'm going all country! Well, not “going” country, I have liked the music for some time, in fact my first steps into the world of professional drumming was with a country act. I have been working on singing and getting Bernard (My guitar..... err long story) up to a level that I am happy with. Ok, I only know six chords or so but there are some brilliant songs with only TWO chords, so why not? I have sorted a set of great bouncy songs and it will be a right laugh. I have a very good lead guitarist (Tim) and a very steady bass player (Terry) I am now just looking for a solid steady drummer. I will keep you posted. I have also had a go at writing songs!! I have three in the bag and a few other ideas all with a country vibe, after all I do live in the South and my dog has actually died!
I should hear soon about the Vodafone World of Difference scheme. As soon as I know I will let you all know.
STOP PRESS Following the charity bag scam, we have a result. Thanks to the work of Tracey Crouch MP, punishments are going to be increased for the scumbags involved and the law is being tightened up. More to follow. Story

My kit armed for Jump Jive 'n' stuff
I must say hi to the Hellzaboppin guys. I had a gig with them in Stony on Saturday What fun!! Two sets of jump jive, great brass section and Marc M leaps about like a front man in need of the loo. (Bathroom for my American readers!) I get to over play and goof about. The pub was smaller than most of the stages the MUD2 lads play on but we did have fun. I hope to get some photos for the next blog or at least my website. On Saturday March 12th I will be in Hamilton near Glasgow working as  compère and representative for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Breakthrough supporter, fundraiser and survivor Palma McKeown is staging Breakthrough's Big Night Out an evening of cabaret with dinner at the lovely   Avonbridge Hotel Arrivals 7.00pm and the evening will go on until a respectable 12.30am. Look guys, I'm flying up on a low cost airline so if you live in or near Glasgow and Hamilton please feel sorry for my over-worked legs being tied in knots and squashed into an aluminium tube like a potato piping bag, the least you could do is go along! (I will be taking my headset, map and pilots licence in case I have to fly the thing as well) There will be great live entertainment, raffle and other exciting "stuff!" Then there will be me trying to hold it all together on the night! All in aid of the work of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Please note:
B&B rates are going up soon at the Avonbridge Hotel, but they've kindly agreed to hold the current price for guests attending this event who want to stay there that night - that's £57.50 for a double room and £47.50 for a single. Their telephone number is 01698 420525, just say you're attending the Breakthrough charity night.
Pre order tickets for the event via Palma's Facebook or drop me a line at info@breakthroughmidkent.org.uk For rooms please go direct to the hotel.

Anyway, sorry this blog is a tad short but I am about to get ready for a run out. The sun's shining so it should be nice. I only have 35 minutes to do today so an easy one.
See you again soon.

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  1. Looking good Phil, I admire you for your dedication and hard work for what is a really worthwhile cause ! keep it up and we will follow you all the way to the marathon , love and best wishes, Ruthy Babe and the Preston Posse MWAH xxx


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