Monday, 31 January 2011


OUCH! What a week that was! Thanks for all the nice comments from people who came to the Hellzaboppin gig. What a craic!

Ok Running. NONE!!! Only walking. It was my fault and I have learned a valuable lesson. I will be back up to speed by the weekend but until then the “light runs” will be replaced by brisk walks. I have a heart rate monitor so I'll keep the pressure up on the ol' ticker. 

I paid a visit to my friend and very good Osteopath on Friday. Talking the injury through, the wheres, whens and how the injury occurred, it was so bloody stupid. It started on Monday; I went out late (about 3.30pm) later than usual. I had 9 miles to cover and I was only half up for it. One of those runs when you force yourself out. (Other runners will know exactly what I mean.) Because it was late, guess what I didn't do? WARM UP properly. I stupidly thought better and started to jog almost immediately in a vein hope to get back quicker, (In aviation they call it “Get-home-itis**) it was a slow jog but soon I was into the run. Also I was trying out a different ear piece for my Walkman. A stupid thing to do on a long run. Finally, because I was late and in a rush, I grabbed the wrong gloves and picked up summer cycle gloves rather than toastie  winter ones.. All started ok though, well for about twenty minutes, and then I started to get tired earlier than normal. I usually go though an oddity early into long runs, I get tired after only thirty minutes or so, then it goes I am ok and I plod on. (I have recently found the cause of this and will be addressing it immediately) then at 4.15pm the temperature dropped like a stone. I was wearing lighter tights and my legs just froze. I started to lose interest. I was paying too much attention to my Walkman the weather, my cold legs and hands and not the run. As the interest had gone, I was stopping and starting, sorting out the music and new ear thingies. My hands were freezing and I just wanted to go home. I was a few miles out but I decided to, at least, get round. Having a drink I spilled some water on my hand and the water soaked into the glove and just stayed there. I took them off and my hands were cherry red. It was getting even more depressing. Since my injury last year, caused by running down hill, I had been taking extra care on descents . Yes, you know what's coming! A slight downward slope, cold hands, cold legs, somewhat cheesed off, not concentrating and BINGO!! Welcome one screwed up knee. I walked it home and the 9 miles took over 2 and a half hours. As I had broken into a sweat, I shivered like a new born puppy sitting on ice. I was Mr Frost from the Batman Movie! Only colder, and he didn't have a limp! 

Come in, you won't feel a thing
I gave it a couple of days, ice pack, anti-inflammatory tablets, bad language, sitting in circle of candles and so on. Wednesday I sat round a table with ladies in tall black hats, joined hands made contact and booked an appointment with Beelzebub. Better known as Devan, my “friendly” osteopath. His Holiness of Horror pinpointed the injury, explained it all then proceeded to “manipulate” the area. MANIPULATE? My arse!!! The pain was akin to my fall in December only ten fold with added nails and an oxyacetylene blow torch set to “melt stone!” I could only describe Devan's smile as “evil.” Anyway, I grabbed a crucifix from around my neck, shoved it in his face while shouting the name of our lord. After his eyes had glowed red and steam blew from his ears, he turned into green smoke and vanished! I still had to pay though! I wonder if the European Court of Human rights and International War Crimes Investigators are aware of osteopathy? They should be.

Saturday I went, or limped, to a seminar in London called “Meet the Experts.” This was a day long event with talks from current and former Olympians talking about all things running and put on by the powers at Virgin Marathon. My trip involved 175 steps at Bedford Square tube station because the lift was not working! I knew there was 175 steps as there was a poxy sign telling me! I bet, put there by an osteopath with an evil smile and long red pointy tail. I'm a frigging runner not mountain climber! Anyway I made the climb walking past just the two dead bodies and several cards stuck to the wall saying “Sore legs and back? You need an osteopath. High levels of pain guaranteed and your soul taken. Call Freephone 666! Telephone calls will be monitored so that we can have a laugh at staff training days and to help us make your life a further misery.”

It all Starts HERE!
Walking up to the entrance of The Institute of Education in Bedford Way, I had my first “well-up” or emotion of the day. A sign pointing out the way to the reception for the London Marathon event. This means it's happening mate, I'm in.
As the day was basically “schooling” they gave it a Hogwarts theme. Harry Jogger was the link pin and the School was Jogwarts. It was fun. More importantly it was nothing short of excellent. Our own former world record holder at 10,000 meters, David Bedford gave a couple of talks about everything to expect on the day, right down to the details of the sticky road next to the Lucozade Sports “filling” stations, to the great piece of advice: “Don't take old people with you on the day.... they won't be able to carry you back to the train!” All this helped along with more than his fair share of poetic licence. He is naturally funny, a sporting legend and nice bloke. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly and I was star struck! During my music career I have met a large number of “famous” people and played drums for a few too. In the music industry you need talent, you need to put in hard work but also you need a lot of luck. Mr Bedford, however achieved his goals by pure hard work and dedication. He didn't get his place in an Olympic final because someone preferred him over the little bloke with blond hair, a cute sister and a puppy called Patch, he got there because he earned it. The feeling I had when I shook his hand will be in my arsenal when I need that little extra push on marathon day. Thank you David, you are a gent, a talent and England should be proud. I don't think he has ever been on Top Gear as a “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” but he should be on there. I am going to start a Facebook campaign to get him on. Please join me.

David Bedford, Liz Yelling, Nick Bitel,
John Brewer, Sam Murphy.
GB Marathon Runner Liz Yelling gave a good talk and so did a host of other people “in the know,” including Runner's World's Editor Andy Dixon. Sam Murphy author of the book Marathon, for me, (David Bedford's brilliant goofing about aside) was the talk of the day. So much so I bought her book. Follow the link to Amazon, honestly it's fantastic. If you are doing a marathon or half marathon, in training, starting or so on it really is worth a read. No I am not getting a cut!
Kerry last year and back for more!
It was a pleasure meeting some of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Runners at lunchtime, good to have a chat with Kerry Burton too. She ran last year and is back for more! Emma Cornish was there from Breakthrough's running team, doing a very good meet 'n' greet. Nice little buffet too. Then I popped down to the Adidas shop for a look-see and grab a free Lucozade goodie bag. (Well.. you just have too don't you?”)

Sadly on Sunday my knee was beyond a run so I sent a message to Mike. I will be out this week on walks, I have another visit to Hades and Dr Evil on Tuesday. I'm taking a wooden stake, gun loaded with a silver bullet and ten pounds of garlic wrapped round my neck!
I will catch up with you all next week.... maybe from the "other side!"

** Get home-itis
A rare condition experienced by some pilots whereas they have been delayed by weather, repairs and so on. They get the nod that they can leave and shoot off without carrying out vital checks; ooo let's say fuel, weather en-route, have they glued the engine back properly, have I got an up to date map? and so on. They find out the error at the most inconvenient moment and they make the news!!!!!! 
Planning Phil! Planning!!!!!!

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