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One Week To Go!

Happy Birthday mate!
Future £1000 Challenger Michaela
providing the improvised candle!
Every time I start a blog I usually go on about how busy it's been in Pinkland, with gigs and training. This is then interspersed with the odd anecdote and having a pop at Michalski (It was his Birthday). 
There will be a rest from this for the next couple of weeks. There are a couple of reasons for this. I have a bit of a run around London to do next Sunday plus I would not be able to do justice to the stories I have to tell about the last couple of weeks. To give you an idea this is what I would like to talk about. Seven gigs taking in five UK shows, a trip to Germany and one to Holland. Collecting my new set of Paiste Alpha cymbals from Martin Potts at Paiste, (blinding they are too!) A trip to the Breakthrough research lab in London, winning the Rochester People Local Legend competition, driving to Bristol for the Local Legend photo shoot, going to Salisbury to see the Hayley's Mile flag take shape (It's big!) Being filmed for a student at a local university as part of a media course as she follows me to the London Marathon. A friend Michaela in Milton Keynes is taking on the Breakthrough £1000 challenge (She's going to jump out of an aeroplane!!!) I gave a talk and collected a cheque from Kings School Canterbury. Sarah R from the  Mid Kent Group held a fundraiser for my marathon fund, I have also been to Breakthrough for web training and another day on a brilliant course entitled “Inspiring Action!” Project 350 is moving along, it's going to be tough but worthwhile. Then there's my normal chat about the English Weather, dogs and falling over! So a ten page blog looms!
The very generous Marlene.
Thank you for supporting Breakthrough
It would just be impossible to do the stories justice especially the fantastic Coffee Morning put on by Sarah R and her mum and the very generous Marlene Oranje from Holland who after asking for a pair of my pink drumsticks, following a gig there, handed over a very sizeable donation towards my run. Thank you Marlene. The picture is a few moments after coming off stage so I had "Stage Hair!"

I have just over one week to go before my first marathon. 26.2 miles of our capital city's roads in a bright pink Breakthrough running vest.
So I would just like to focus on the reasons why I do what I do for this week's blog.

Figures released last month showed an increase in the number of cases of breast cancer in the UK to 47,700 (2008). Deaths from the disease are still around the 12,000 mark but are thankfully dropping slowly. This is due to a number of factors including better treatments and earlier detection. Most cases are in women but we must not forget the 300 men diagnosed each year in the UK. In fact did you know that breast cancer kills as many men as testicular cancer? Breakthrough Breast Cancer is fighting on all fronts with ground breaking and world beating research, education programs and campaigning. In short, they are covering all aspects of the disease. They do this with belief and a passion. I am lucky enough to know many people at Breakthrough, Jane and Emma in Running, Becky and Anna in Community, Georgina and her gang at Campaigning and then more!  Many tireless volunteers and fundraisers, including the truly unbelievable Amanda Jones. To know these people, let alone work alongside them is a privilege. The research at Breakthrough is amazing and mind numbingly successful, bringing a number of new drugs and treatments from “bench to bedside” in record time. As well as cellular and DNA research, Breakthrough is running the brilliant Generations Study, following over 100,000 women for forty years to look for common links and hopefully the cause of breast cancer. I have been to the labs and seen the workings behind the study and it is truly amazing. The iPhone Breast Check, the
I'm going in! I may be some time!
Touch Look Check campaigns and campaigning to parliamentary level for the best treatments for breast cancer patients in our hospitals. I did parliament last year with Breakthrough and walking through the great halls of power on behalf of such an amazing charity gave me goose bumps on goose bumps. Getting a result from my MP just added more goose bumps! This all costs money from 10p a litre for liquid nitrogen to freeze tissue and blood samples to several hundred thousand pounds for state of the art lab machinery. So when I say “every penny counts” I mean just that.

am almost half way to my £2000 target for the marathon and I appeal to your generosity to please sponsor me. (Please use the Virgin Money Giving link to the right of this blog and remember to tick the Gift Aid box if you qualify.) Breakthrough have 150 runners and I am so very proud to be part of that team. Fancy coming on the day? Breakthrough have three Cheering Points. Miles 13/22 and 25. Join the gang and cheer on the runners. It really is a great day. Remember sun tan lotion, a hat, plenty of water and a packed lunch. (Link Below)
Mile 25 Cheering point 2010
I was on the mile 25 cheering point last year and it really is humbling seeing so many runners all with their own stories and journeys, run walk and literally stagger past late on! Mine has been easy in comparison: A few knee injuries, a sore bum, trod in countless piles of dog poo and been jumped on by the odd mutt! That's it really. However your support, whether by coming along for a shout and giggle, spotting pink and white vests on telly (BBC1) or sending a couple of your hard earned pounds really is all appreciated

Something to sleep on, if you go or even see the race on TV just look at the number of people taking part. Hundreds and thousands of runners streaming past is an awe inspiring sight but think on this. That is 36,000 people. It's a lot. Add another 11,000 to that crowd and that is how many people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Four hours and thirty minutes is the most popular 
As far as the eye can see. Just think about it.
finishing time with 300 runners a minute making their final strides along the Mall towards the finish line. Imagine watching this none stop, without averting your eyes for a second, for forty minutes. 12,000 people will pass in front of you. 12,000! That's how many loose their battle against breast cancer in the UK every year. It's almost impossible to imagine but putting numbers into pictures can help visualise the battle we have. Will 10p really make a difference? Yes. My £2000 target, if achieved, will be a massive success and I will be over the moon. However, on Monday April 18th  I will feel rubbish, knackered, stiff and sore but proudly owning a London Marathon finisher's medal. Also on Monday the 18th April we can expect an average of 180 people to be told they have breast cancer. Tuesday I will feel better, where will they be? How will they feel? This chaps is why I do this and I will not stop after the Marathon. I have Project 350 to run, Breakthrough Mid Kent to get going for 2011 and 2012. The Vodafone World of Difference is helping make a difference and winning the Rochester People Local Legend title was a real privilege and helped me kick on in another gear.. Being involved with Breakthrough is an honour. I know that budget cuts are a pain and belts are tight but really every penny counts. I share Breakthrough's wish for a “World free from the fear of breast cancer” Please help me help Breakthrough to help others.

Breakthrough Cheering Points info CLICK HERE Be there, be loud and be pink!!

Fancy following me on the day? Not on Twitter? Just register and follow @pipdrums 

Full details for a day at the Virgin London Marathon CLICK HERE including maps and travel info.

Please donate by using the Virgin Money Giving link on the right.

Email if you would rather post a cheque.

Thanks guys.

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  1. Hey Big Fella,

    Thanks for all the support on Cancer Chat, sorry I have not been up for chatting lately as every waking moment has been taken up with trying to control the pain! Anyways the Morphine seems to be kicking in a bit better so time to offer you the support you will definitely need for 'the jog'

    I hope the training is not to hard and will catch up soon...good luck.

    p.s. Yes I will be there running the race with you mate :-)

    Tony x


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