Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stone and a Half and Counting

You will need fruit, Shreddies (or your choice,)
fat free yogurt and berries
People have been very complimentary at my recent weight loss. Following the London Marathon in 2011 I just ballooned to over 16 stone. I tried to shed some of the excess poundage but failed miserably.  I tried to run again but my knees thought I was giving a piggy back to a small pony and quit! (Costing me a place in this year's Marathon.)
Right next to where we live there is a weekly meeting of Slimming World. Put off by the cutting, but very funny, Matt Lucas and Peter Kay I avoided giving it a try. One day back in October last year Sarah and I gave it a go. I weighed 15 stone 10 pounds.
The group leader is Linda a very patient lady who tells it how it is in the politest of ways! Almost six months down the line I had got rid of over a one and a half stone and feel much better. Then there is the fun side of tastings and awards!! I have folder full of Slimmer of the Weeks, a Slimmer of the Month, Half stone award, Stone award and Stone and a half. Sarah and I won Couple of The Year too. At a respectful 14 stone I still have a few pounds to go for my personal target.  This would have been achieved a few weeks back but I had a dip over December and the scales went the wrong way.
Dice up the fruit while the shreddies
are soaking in the milk
What I am not doing is dieting or starving myself. I have just changed the way I think about food. We enjoy a balanced diet and I still pack it away in true drummer fashion. To show a case in point... Breakfast. Love it. My own concoction of fruit, yogurt and cereal.

Pip's Morning Canapé
Three pieces of fruit. My personal favourite is a soft pear, banana and a peach/ plum or similar large stone soft fruit. 60 grams of Shreddies. (Double the amount but I take the figure off elsewhere) Plonk the Shreddies in a large bowl and pour in the milk. One Ml of Milk is one gram so if you are measuring your milk do it while the bowl is on the scales, it saves on the washing up! I add the milk here because I like the Shreddies to go soggy!!! Chop the fruit into small lumps. Pile on top then pour over a tub of light yogurt and add a few berries. YUM! Enjoy.
Put the fruit onto the Shreddies. Add the yogurt before
the berries.
(It stops them falling off and it looks arty farty!!!)

Next  week Extra Large Kebabs and  Sherbet Dips... Only joking!

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