Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Taking part in the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics was a total blast. Drumming my way through the industrial revolution and then mixing it up with the world's top athletes as a marshal is an experience never to be repeated. My main group (51) are lucky enough to have a place as marshals in the closing ceremony too. It is going to be one hell of a show. We have seen bits during rehearsals.
We have been in and out of the stadium grounds in Stratford for some weeks now and one thing has been more consistent than anything. Our military. They have been taking care of security but above all our safety. Most of these ladies and gentlemen have only recently returned from active duty. Many have had leave cancelled and some will be off overseas again as soon as the games are over. They have always been there with a smile, even in the rain, always polite and totally professional.
I would love it if we could make this coming Sunday, the day of the closing ceremony, "Treats for Troops Day!" If you are lucky enough to be going into the Olympic Park on Sunday, drop off a bar of chocolate or packet of sweets. Mind you any treat would go down well (But don't get Pringles.... in joke!) Don't worry if you are there on Saturday or Friday there are no rules to this, feel free to drop something off early!! I am sure they won't complain.
Our armed forces have been a credit to us during the games and we should be proud of them.
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