Friday, 20 January 2012

The 2nd Basemen go International

Only Dusty could carry this off!
I will be running for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in this year's London Marathon. However in honour of a prolific fundrasier and breast cancer advocate in the USA I am calling my run Dusty's Dash. Dusty Showers from Florida works constantly to improve the lives of those touched by breast cancer in the USA. The big man is an inspiration (Even in a pink cowboy hat and chaps!) So if I can run a bit to remind peeps that breast cancer is international then so be it! There is s link to Dusty's site on the right under the photo. If you are in the USA and Boston (ish) the launch of his charity (as we call them here " Not for profit over there) book a place at the launch evening on Jan 28th. Details on the site. Meet the man, meet the team, I'll write a letter that I hope Dusty will have time to read out. Keep it pink people, be aware and touch look check!


  1. Phil, we are brothers of a cause. Thank you for all you are doing.

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