Wednesday, 17 November 2010


October has been replaced! August, September, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, November, December! Little did I know that a month could have so much crammed in to it, so many emotions, so much stress, happiness, frustration, sleepless nights and crazy days. Then again this was my first Breast Cancer Awareness Month at "The Front End" so to speak. But! I am only training for a marathon and running some local events for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  I am not glued to a chemo machine with my hair falling out. I am not throwing up or feeling generally rubbish. That is where well wishes should go, my self set targets are a walk in the park compared to cancer treatment.
Hi, I'm Phil. A professional drummer training for the Virgin London Marathon in 2011. I also run the Mid Kent Fundraising Group for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, as a volunteer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month began for us with a brilliant concert at the Chatham Central Theatre. It was on the 4th to be precise. I had called in some favours (as you do) and secured the services of the Rubettes, featuring Alan Williams, my own band Mud2 and Too Rex. It was a nuts day. It had been three months in the planning but true to fashion some things went bananas at the last minute. I don't want to dwell on the department of "Oops a Daisy" but all in all it went really well.
Our special guests Tracey Crouch MP and breast cancer fighter Hayley Mitchell had a great night. Also, I am pleased to report that we made some money for the charity. It was a shame that the theatre took over five weeks to pay us! Oh well, things happen, but I was being reminded that I owed people money from the show. Talk about being on the spot. That bit I hated.
The surprise of the night was the appearance of Rob Davis. Rob was the member of Mud, more famous  for the earrings and giant flared trousers than his production and playing abilities! He is better known these days as a producer, working with the likes of Kyle Minogue, so it was a real pleasure to have him along. He played the whole set like he had never been away. Quite brilliant. Thanks Rob.
As this is a first blog I won't rattle on about all of the events in too much detail but needless to sat it was a good month.
A music afternoon was held in Maidstone and ran on our behalf by the brilliant Kent Ideas. We had a mad Halloween open mic afternoon in Bobbing.  One of our group members, Jane, ran a dinner party at the Village Hotel Maidstone, Group member Sarah Robertson held a "Hook a Duck" at a local school. We also had a quiz night and a laugh!
This month I am launching my Free Percussion fundrasier. Yes that is FREE! Between now and April!! I will be offering my percussion services free of charge. The only rule is that an announcement is made to this fact and a pot can be handed round for donations towards my marathon target of £2000. I am lucky enough to have a ballot place in the marathon so the pressure is off with regards "having" to raise a set sum, as you do with a Gold Bond place. I don't, however, want to waste the place so I intend to raise a decent amount. I haven't done the full press release yet, I have just asked a couple of friends. I have played one and I have two booked. (Eagle Tavern Rochester. Sat 4th and Sunday 5th. Of December This is with the brilliant Andy White and it is during the fun packed Dickens Christmas week. From about 3.30pm.)
The training is not as good as it should be. I had an injury and I am finding it tough just getting out!
This will all change from today as I am out tonight for a "happy jog." This is off of my schedule and just a run for fun. No watch, no set distance, no time, just get the hell out there and run!!!
Well this is my basic outline. Furthert blogs will be more day by day and detailed but it's a start.
I am off to Germany with the Mud2 boys this weekend. I'll take the camera!!! (Snigger snigger!)
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Speak again soon.

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  1. Hi Phil, it's so great to see all the good work you do for Cancer, I', so proud of youIt's a great pity that you and the boys are not playing anywhere else this year, I would've loved to come and see you all, maybe next year...I hope, Les would certainly be proud of you and the band, take care


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